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This is a time that the use of computer tools is applied more and better in research dissemination in the world of the humanities and arts in general must learn to live with and use the Internet. As well Unamuno said: “Progress is being renewed.”

It is not surprising to find recognized scientific work published in electronic media. Websites, blogs, forums… and, of course, electronic magazines are an example of new instruments available to everyone, also of scholars and specialists.

From this conception arises the theatrical research magazine Anagnórisis, which aims to disseminate unpublished works related to any aspect of literature and drama. To this end, each issue will be monograph on a particular topic sufficiently broad to allow it to absorb articles or essays that discuss the drama from different periods, authors and genres, as well as those issues related to staging.

To ensure the quality and uniqueness of the magazine, only unpublished works are accepted. Anagnórisis has a scientific committee formed by a group of internationally recognized experts qualified by his professional career, which is responsible for the selection of articles.

The frequency will be biannual. The publication dates are set for June 1st and December 1st.

Anagnorisis”, disclosure or discovery, a term that was originally applied to Greek tragedy, now we use it with the meaning of reunion with the theater, disclosure of its unknowns and scientific discovery.

Laeticia Rovecchio Antón y Alba Urban Baños,
The Editors.

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