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Laeticia Rovecchio Antón

Degree in Hispanic Philology (2007) and Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature (2009), University of Barcelona. She has taught a course of «Hispanic literature in its genders» at the UB, working in an exchange project with the University of California and Illinois. She is currently preparing her doctoral thesis on contemporary Spanish theater and collaborates regularly with the literary magazine Pliego Suelto.

Alba Urban Baños

She has a PhD in Spanish Philology (2014) by the University of Barcelona with a thesis about Female playwriters in the Spanish Golden Age. She has made various contributions to Edition Reichenberger and lectured in various courses of University Extension of the UB. She has presented communications at: XXXI Jornadas de Teatro Clásico de Almagro “Damas en el tablado”; the XXVI Jornadas de Teatro del Siglo de Oro. International Congress «Dramaturgos y espacios teatrales andaluces de los siglos XVI y XVII», and the International Congress «400 años del Arte nuevo de hacer comedias de Lope de Vega», XVI International Congress of Teatro Español y Novohispano de los Siglos de Oro (AITENSO).
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